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COVID-19 genome sequencing

A few years ago, Living For Liz helped Gundersen Health System pay for a Genome Sequencing Machine. Genome Sequencing shows DNA’s genetic information, and the machine was purchased for sequencing all different types of cancer genes but is primarily used for lung cancer.

Yesterday, Gundersen Health System announced that it is taking COVID-19 research one step further by retasking their cancer research equipment to conduct viral genome sequencing, which will track how the virus travels and where it originated within the La Crosse Region. Knowing where the virus is coming from, and understanding patterns of spread, could help public health officials understand how the virus is spreading and how these cases relate to cases globally. They plan on testing 64 cases per week.

How special that even after death her death, Elizabeth continues to live on through gifts like this, which were made possible because of supporters like you. An enormous THANK YOU to everyone for all your support over the past 8 years… support that allowed us to remember Elizabeth in such a special way… support that allowed us to be able to help during this crisis. Be well and stay safe everyone.

Living for Liz, every day

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