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Year in Review 

We started 2019 with recognizing January as Radon Action Month and then went right into planning the 8th annual Lizfest celebration, taking place August 1st.

The highlight of our year happened in April.  Living For Liz won the Regional Jefferson Award on April 4th, three days before the 7th anniversary of Elizabeth’s passing on April 7th, 2012.  This award is a distinguished nation-wide award for volunteerism and is part of the Multiplying Good movement. We won a local award in October of 2018 and were voted as Regional winners in 2019.  This award allowed us to take our message to Washington DC in June which was the pinnacle of our mission since 2012.  Living For Liz was able to share our story with hundreds of amazing people from across the country who are out to make the world a better place.  We were able to talk with our local senators regarding the disparity in low federal funding for lung cancer research compared to other cancers with much lower mortality rates.  Our voices were heard.  Elizabeth’s voice was heard.  The experience will be forever etched in our hearts and minds and Elizabeth’s last wish had indeed come true.  Our mission will continue.  We will keep Lung Cancer initiatives in the forefront as was promised.  A huge thank you for your support and to our local TV station WXOW, our incredible sponsors.

In May we donated $15,000.00 to Gundersen Medical Foundation for their Lung Cancer  Immunotherapy Research projects.  This was part of a $60,000.00 commitment we made in 2018 and are spreading over 4 years.  

On May 17th we had a rummage sale at Waterloo Heights Dental and joined the West Salem city-wide rummage sale.  $400.00 was raised at that event for lung cancer research.

On June 3rd we volunteered at the Gundersen Sue Eber Drive For Hope Golf Outing. The city-wide event raises funds for Lung Cancer research.

On August 1st we held the 8th annual Lizfest/Celebration of Life and raised approx. $10,000.  We partnered with the La Crescent Rotary Club in 2016 who sponsors the Apple Blossom Bicycle Tour.  A portion of their proceeds also benefit Living For Liz. The two events together make for a perfect day of events where there is something for everyone!

On November 5th we participated in and co-sponsored Gundersen’s Shine A Light On Lung Cancer Event which is a national event to increase awareness for Lung Cancer and hear from area survivors and medical professionals.


Year in Review 
  • Donated free Radon kits to La Crosse County

  • Helped organize and took part in a Lung Cancer benefit for survivor, Renee Lund

  • Presented The Gundersen Foundation with a $60,000 donation spanning over 4 years to the immunotherapies lung cancer research initiatives.

  • Held the 7th annual Lizfest/Appleblossom Bike Tour

  • Received The Jefferson Award, a distinguished volunteer service award

  • Co-sponsored the Shine A Light Event at Gundersen​


Year in Review 
  • Donated $10,000 to Gundersen Research Deptartment for a Gene Sequencing Machine, which provides life saving targeted therapies to patients.

  • Held the Living for Liz Honors Motorcycle Ride

  • Organized the 6th annual Lizfest/Appleblossom Bicycle Tour

  • Co-sponsored the Shine A Light event at Gundersen


Year in Review 
  • Donated $10,000.00 to Gundersen Health Systems to aid in the purchase of a Gene Sequencer — an epic advancement in detection for gene targeted therapy to fight cancer.

  • Awarded a $1,108.00 Grant to the YMCA Live Strong Program for rehab stairs benefitting the Lung Cancer Survivorship Program

  • Donated $2,500.00 to both Mayo Clinic and Gundersen Health Systems ($5,000.00 total) for gas cards as part of L4L’s Lung Cancer Patience Assistance Program


Years in Review 
  • Donated $7,000.00 to Dr. Shelley to help further his efforts in exploring the implications of the CD43 molecule in the fight against lung cancer.

  • Donated $10,000.00 to Genomics of Young Lung Cancer Research and is a part of the Addario Lung Cancer Medial Institute (ALCMI- pronounced ‘alchemy’).

  • Expanded our Patient Services Program

  • Co-sponsored the Shine-A-Light Vigil with Gundersen Health System.


Year in Review 
  • Donated $12,000 to Gundersen Health System to help fund Dr. Simon Shelley’s lung cancer research.

  • Donated $5,000 to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN to help fund Dr. Ping Yang’s lung cancer research

  • Donated $3,500 to Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse and $3,500 to Gundersen Health System to be used for fuel cards for lung cancer patients

  • Funded a Health Expo and co-sponsored the Shine-A-Light Vigil with Gundersen Health System.

  • Accepted a check from the Association of Fundraising Professionals, who honor one or two groups every year that not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk.



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